Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Hair Cards byJMS....

Hi, my name is Jeanetmarie, and I am the creator of Good Hair Cards (originally called ByJMS in 1985 and Good Hair Salon Cards in 1990). The Good hair cards collection celebrates Black women and the trendsetting hairstyles Black women like to wear.

People often ask me how I started doing the illustrations for Good Hair Cards. Actually, it started after I had redesigned a business card for my hairstylist. I couldn't stand the old fashion black and white clip art she had on her card. So I drew a new illustration for her.

I didn't think twice about it until I started getting requests from people to design their business cards. Thus, I began creating what eventually became the Good Hair Cards style. My new-found gig turned out to be a good thing because in 1991 I had read brokerage firms were outsourcing backroom operations to Ireland. I was working for a brokerage firm, and I knew from experience this wasn't a good sign for American workers.

Years earlier, my dad was forced to retire early because the factory where he had worked for 35 years had moved to the suburbs and from the suburbs to China. I was also a tutor in the South Bronx at that time, and I would walk past blocks and blocks of abandoned factories that had fled to the suburbs or Asia. I saw firsthand the beginning of American jobs being outsourced overseas.

By 1997 while working as a Graphic Presentation Specialist for a brokerage firm, I read more and more investment companies were outsourcing jobs like mine. When I voiced my concerns to my co-workers, they laughed at the thought of losing our "white-collar" jobs because that only happened to factory workers. "Don't worry," they said. "We were college educated and making a lot of money." I did worry so I updated my drawing skills and got a certificate in graphic design from (now Sessions College for Professional Design). Fast forward 16 years later and the Good Hair Cards collection debuted at the 2013 Black Women's Expo in Chicago.

I'm semi-retired now after working 25 years in investment banks and seeing most of the positions in my field outsourced. 2019 will see our launch into a bigger and international brand. So far, I've met many lovely people on my five year journey to see Good Hair Cards placed in major retail stores. Cheers.